Did you know if you are going to visit the United States for business reasons, you may need to apply for a B1 business visitor visa? A B1 business visitor visa is needed if you are visiting the United States for business purposes such as attending business conferences and conventions, purchasing property in the US, negotiating contracts, investigating business opportunities, consulting with associates or attending business meetings. Screen Shot 2012 09 27 at 10.11.25 PM 200x300 B 1 Visa for Canadians

Should I apply for a B1 business visitor visa or a US work permit?

Whether or not you need a United States work visa or work permit or just an B1 business visitor visa to enter the United States can be difficult to determine. It is not always clear which visa you will need to conduct which activities.

For example, if you are a Canadian who intends to visit the United States and work for a United States employer or earn an income from a United States employer, you will require a United States work visa or work permit. But if you are only traveling to the United States for a little bit for a business meeting, a B1 business visitor visa should suffice.

Note that when you apply for a B1 business visitor visa, you will be required to demonstrate several things, including:

1. That you have close ties to Canada such as employment, family and financial ties that will prove you intend to return home and that you will not overstay your B1 business visitor visa.

2. That you will only be engaging in B1 business visitor visa activities that are allowed by the United States government, and you can demonstrate this by offering proof of your itinerary from entering the US to leaving the US.

3. Information from your foreign employer that states why you will be going to the United States and what you will be doing there, that also points out you are employed full-time in Canada and won’t be working in the United States.

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