Canada offers foreign nationals the chance to apply for business visitor visas to come to Canada and engage in business activities. Screen Shot 2012 09 21 at 10.59.28 PM1 300x188 Business Visitor Visas for Canada

Some examples of other activities that can be conducted on a business visitor visa to Canada include buying goods in Canada for a foreign company, dealing with an after sales agreement, attending a product and sales training conducted by a Canadian parent company or a distributor and attending a business meeting or conference or conducting site visits to observe.

Who requires a business visitor visa to Canada?

Many foreign nationals require a business visitor visa to come to Canada to engage in business activities. Most people who are not on the visa-exempt list for Canada will require a visitor visa to come to Canada for any reasons.

When you apply for a business visitor visa for Canada, you will also have to demonstrate that you do not have a medical issue or criminal history that would render you inadmissible to Canada, and that you are employed by a foreign employer full-time.

What do I need to apply for a Canadian business visitor visa?

You will need:

A copy of your passport data page.
A copy of your itinerary for your business activities in Canada, from entrance to exit.
A resume that demonstrates you are qualified for whatever activities you intend to do, such as training for a particular product.
Proof of strong ties to your country of citizenship.
A letter from your employer stating you are employed full time by them.

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