Hiring an Immigration Representative in Denver

Whether you intend to immigrate to Canada or the United States on a permanent or temporary basis, it is a complicated and time-consuming process. You are not legally required to hire an immigration representative during the immigration process, and may go it alone if you feel that is the wisest option. However, we feel that the use of an immigration representative such as an immigration lawyer is the best choice you can make during the immigration process. We may seem biased, but truthfully we have good reasons to think this way: Hiring an Immigration Representative 300x201 Hiring an Immigration Representative in Denver

Just like you wouldn’t consider buying a home without a real estate agent or would seek the advice of a mortgage or insurance broker before looking into those products, we are experts in the complex field of immigration and will offer the highest-level of guidance through the process. This may be your first time dealing with the immigration system, but we do this for a living. In addition, like buying a home, this may be one of the biggest decisions you ever make in your life.

But are all immigration representatives the same? The answer is no.

Immigration Lawyers Or Immigration Consultants?

If you want to hire an immigration representative, you have the choice of an immigration lawyer or an immigration consultant. While they may seem similar in the services they offer, they are not similar at all.

An immigration lawyer is regulated, held to a particular standard of service and has completed law school. An immigration lawyer is also required to continue to grow their knowledge through professional development while knowing immigration law inside and out.

An immigration consultant used to be regulated by an authoritative body, but they did not have the resources to hold unscrupulous consultants accountable for poor service or even outright fraud, not were they able to monitor their consultants effectively. A new regulatory body was put into effect late last year, but it remains to be seen how effective they will be. Even still, the news is rife with stories of shady immigration consultants who take advantage of those using their services. That is not to say that all immigration consultants are bad – there are many good ones out there. But for the client, it can be difficult to choose a good one.

Why hire us for your immigration needs

Not all immigration lawyers are the same, either – despite the regulation and level of education required for the job. Our immigration law firm has been in business for over 15 years and our team of licensed immigration attorneys have a combined 30 years of experience in the immigration law field. We are also Top Choice Immigration Law Firm for the third year in a row, and this is an award that is voted on by the public.

We offer services that extend much further than simply helping you with an immigration application. Please call us at the above phone number for an assessment of your case!


Apply for an H1B work visa for Denver

The H1B work visa is a United States work visa available to Canadian citizens and other foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States. To qualify, one must possess a high level of education, usually a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition, they must work in what is considered a specialty occupation – meaning that not just anyone can fill the job position and this job position is so complex that not just anyone can fill it, which usually necessitates bringing in foreign workers to fill these positions. H1B work visa 300x196 Apply for an H1B work visa for Denver

Work in Denver on an H1B work visa

There is typically a four-step process involved in the H1B work visa application, and three of these steps need to be completed by your employer. First, the employer needs to demonstrate that they will pay you the prevailing wage for the job you’ve been offered by requesting a prevailing wage determination from the State Employment Security Agency.

Next, the employer will file an LCA, or Labour Condition Attestation with the DOL, or United States Department of Labour. In doing so, they will provide evidence that they will pay you the prevailing wage and that the work will definitely be available to you – meaning there are no strikes, lockouts or other union disputes that would prevent you from working when you arrive.

Lastly, the employer will file a petition for the H1B visa on your behalf. Once this petition is approved, you will be able to apply yourself.

H1B work visa lawyers serving Denver and surrounding areas

The H1B work visa has a cap, which means that the United States government only gives out a specific number of them each year. This number may fluctuate depending on a number of factors, but as an example the quota for the 2011/2012 fiscal year was 65,000 H1B work visas. As such, it is essential that you know exactly where and when to file because a capped work visa for the United States can be very competitive. A licensed immigration lawyer can be your best source of advice when it comes to applying for an H1B work visa, and we can be reached at the above phone number. Contact us as soon as possible!


TN Visa Lawyers in Denver

Even though Canada and the United States share a border and have a very friendly relationship, Canadians still need a work visa to work in the United States like any other foreign national. However, Canadians have the option of applying for a TN visa, which is like a fast-track option for a work visa for the United States. The TN visa is referred to as a fast-track option because it can be applied for at the United States border and doesn’t require a lengthy processing time like many other visas. TN Visa Lawyer 300x286 TN Visa Lawyers in Denver

Work in Denver on a TN Visa

Are you eligible for a TN visa? There are many different requirements and the qualification process for this United States work visa are quite specific. When you apply for a TN visa to work in the United States, you’ll need to demonstrate that:

You are a Canadian citizen and have proof of this in the form of either a valid passport or a birth certificate.

You have been offered a job by a United States employer and not only does this job appear on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) list of professions suited to a TN visa, but the job offer letter is formatted in the required way for a TN visa.

You have the work history, resume, qualifications, education and any required licenses that shows you are qualified for the type of job you have been offered.

TN Visa lawyers serving Denver and surrounding areas

Please note that even though a TN visa is considered a “fast-track” option for working in the United States, this does not mean that it is easier to apply for than other visas. In fact, being able to apply for one at the border means you should be even more careful to ensure you are prepared for one, because you could very well be denied for a TN visa on your way to start your job in the United States.

We have helped many people immigrate to the United States, including Canadians who wanted to work in the United States on a TN visa. We have been in business for over 15 years and would love to count you among our many happy clients. Please contact us using the phone number at the top of this page to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer!


Canadian Immigration Lawyers In Denver

United States citizens are applying to live and work in Canada in record numbers! People from all across the planet want to immigrate to Canada because of our high standard of living and educated population. Combined with our low crime rate and stable economy, Canada is one of the most ideal places to live and offers many different methods for people who want to work here temporarily or relocate here to live permanently.  Canadian Immigration Lawyer 300x147 Canadian Immigration Lawyers In Denver

Immigrate to Canada from Denver

Temporary residence in Canada is something you can consider if you want to visit Canada, work for a Canadian employer (and already have a job offer) or you want to study at a Canadian college or university. Visitor visas, work permits and study permits are available for these reasons. Thanks to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), some of these temporary visas can even lead to permanent residency.

Many people want to move to Canada for good and become permanent residents. To do this, you must apply for permanent residency and in many cases this is done through another immigration stream. Permanent resident status is a highly sought-after immigration status in Canada, and as a result it is not easy to obtain. But, you may be eligible for one of the following programs and it would be in your best interest to contact a licensed immigration lawyer to see if you are. Some of these programs include: The Canadian Experience Class, Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, the Provincial Nominee Programs, Sponsorship programs like Spousal Sponsorship and Family Sponsorship, Investor Immigration and the Skilled Worker Program.

Canadian immigration lawyers serving Denver and surrounding areas

While the Canadian immigration system offers applicants multiple options and immigration categories, that does not mean that immigrating to Canada is easy. In fact, nothing could be more of the opposite. The immigration system in Canada is a tough one, and it can take years for someone to complete the process. This is why you need to consider giving yourself every advantage possible when you decide to immigrate to Canada. A licensed immigration lawyer is one of the biggest advantages you can find, and we are a team of immigration lawyers at an award-winning immigration firm. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we can help you determine what category suits you, what documents you need as well as where, when and how to file. You are closer than you think!


Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Denver

Did you know that if you are deemed to be criminally inadmissible to Canada by a Canadian border officer, you will not be allowed to proceed into Canada? Any plans you had will have to be cancelled, and you may not be able to get any of the money you spent on on your travel may be lost for good. A criminal record of any kind has the potential to cause you to be denied entry to Canada, even if you are an American citizen. But are there ways to overcome this criminal inadmissibility? Yes! Read on. Temporary Resident Permit Criminal Inadmissibility 300x198 Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Denver

Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit in Denver

You can overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada by applying for a temporary resident permit. In doing so, however, you will have to gather many different supporting documents and it is a good idea to review your application and application package with a licensed immigration attorney to be sure nothing has been missed and your documents are satisfactory. Some of these documents include:

If your conviction was DUI-related, proof your license has been reinstated. Depending on your sentence, you’ll need proof it was completed as well as that any fines have been paid and you have been discharged from probation if applicable.

You’ll need several letters, including: A written description of the events surrounding the offense and conviction, a letter from your employer describing your length of service, job and salary as well as three different letters of reference from “responsible citizens” on your behalf.

– You’ll also need different court documents, such as the judgements made against you. These judgements should indicate the charge, section of the law broken, the verdict as well as the sentence. You’ll need copies of the laws that were broken as well, which may be available on the internet, at your local library or at the court house.

Denied Entry to Canada Lawyers in Denver

If you want to visit Canada would would otherwise be denied entry, speaking with a licensed immigration lawyer is a very good idea. We are an immigration law firm that has been helping people overcome criminal inadmissibility for over 15 years. We can assess your case and help you determine if you are inadmissible or not, and then explain your next steps to you. If a temporary resident permit is your best option, we’ll be able to help you apply for one and ensure that your application has the best chance for success. Don’t wait! Contact us as soon as you know you need to travel.


Immigrate to Canada from Denver

Do you live in Denver as an American citizen, and want to immigrate to Canada permanently? While the United States has its green card, Canada instead has a permanent resident card. Obtaining a permanent resident card (and permanent resident status) in Canada is a dream of many people across the world, including in the United States. Screen Shot 2012 11 04 at 11.45.17 PM 269x300 Immigrate to Canada from Denver

But how does someone become eligible for permanent residency in Canada? There are many different ways, one of which might be perfect for you. Read on:

The Canadian Experience Class: This immigration program is a relatively new program, that reserves several permanent resident spots every year for people who already have work experience and study experience in Canada. You must have experience working in specific types of professional occupations as well as a high level of language proficiency, and you can use this experience as an edge for a permanent resident application.

Family Class Immigration: This is a popular type of immigration application. If you have a close family member or a spouse/common-law partner who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they can sponsor you for permanent residency.

Skilled Worker Category: Those who work in management occupations, professional and related occupations or technical occupations, skilled trades and paraprofessional occupations can apply to become skilled workers in Canada and eventually apply as permanent residents.

Business Immigration: You may be able to become a permanent resident of Canada as an investor.

These are just some of the ways you can become a permanent resident in Canada, and all of them have very specific requirements. Make sure that you know you can meet the requirements for these immigration streams before you apply by speaking with a licensed immigration lawyer!

Permanent resident application lawyers for Canada

Do you live in Denver and want to move to Canada? The immigration process can be complex and time-consuming, but a licensed immigration lawyer who knows the various ins and outs of Canadian immigration policies can help you get there. If you want to learn how you can apply to be a permanent resident to Canada, or need assistance with your permanent resident card while you are traveling abroad, please contact us. We have been handling permanent resident applications for over 15 years and can be reached at the phone number above.


Immigration Lawyers in Denver

Denver is the second-most populous city in Colorado, and is a highly desirable location for many different types of immigrants to the United States to settle in. Screen Shot 2012 11 04 at 12.01.31 AM 300x192 Immigration Lawyers in Denver

Hiring an immigration lawyer in Denver

We are a licensed immigration law firm offering services to people who want to immigrate to Canada and the United States, including to the city of Denver, Colorado. We offer services such as helping you apply for United States work permits, business visitor visas, investor visas, work visas, students visas, United States green cards or permanent residency and much more. We can also assist you if you’ve been denied entry to the United States.

If you are planning on immigrating to Denver, consulting with a licensed immigration lawyer can be a very productive first step. There are many different ways to immigrate to the United States, but there are just as many if not more restrictions and red tape. An immigration lawyer is available to help you navigate this red tape and sort out your options.

While many immigration procedures may feel like simply filling out application forms and gathering up supporting documents for those applications, that is not the case at all. That’s why someone who has the knowledge, experience, expertise and resources to help you with your immigration needs can be such an advantage. A comprehensive assessment of your immigration needs and your case – no matter how difficult it may seem – may be all you need to know what your next steps are for getting where you want to be.

It is up to a visa officer or United States customs and border official whether or not you get a visa or are allowed into the United States, and these officers and officials need convincing – you need to make a clear case for yourself as to why they should give you a visa or allow you into the United States. It is not easy.

We have over 15 years of such experience, and we are an award-winning law firm with many happy clients. Most of all, we represent only your best interests, meaning we are always available to you. We would be glad to count you among those happy clients, so please give us a call at the telephone number above with any of your immigration questions.


What is an H1B Visa for the United States

If you are a Canadian with a valid job offer from a United States employer, you may be eligible to apply for the H1B work visaScreen Shot 2012 11 02 at 11.49.10 PM 300x194 What is an H1B Visa for the United States

This work visa is a special kind of visa available to people who work in “specialty occupations”, which are usually specific occupations that require high levels of education and are generally so specific and complex that a company must often bring in foreign workers to fill these positions.

Being approved for an H1B work visa is not an easy undertaking as there are many different things that you must have before you can apply, including:

A prevailing wage determination that proves your employer will be paying the prevailing wage for the occupation in their region, and this is done by filing a request with the State Employment Security Agency.

An employer’s attestation, which discusses the employer’s history with foreign workers, wages and that the employees will most certainly have work and won’t be locked out or on strike because of a union dispute. If this is completed properly, you’ll be able to use it in your application.

3. An employer’s petition, which will petition you for the H1B visa and is added to your application package.

If your occupation does not require a degree, you may be able to apply for an H2B visa or another type of United States work visa such as the TN visa.

How to apply for an H1B work visa in the United States

If you are a Canadian who wants to work in the United States, please know that the H1B visa application is a difficult one that includes plenty of paperwork. This visa is also a capped visa, which means that you must know where to file and when. There is more pressure on the applicant when there are only a certain amount of a type of visa given out every year, and in order to make sure you have a chance it is in your best interest to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer for help on your application.

When the government receives an overwhelming number of applications for a visa, which they will in the case of the H1B visa, it’s much easier for them to just return your application for you unprocessed if you make a mistake. Don’t make a mistake, and instead review your application with a lawyer.


How do I qualify for a Canadian green card?

The Canadian permanent residency card is sometimes unofficially called a Canadian green card because it affords holders to live and work wherever they please in Canada on a permanent basis. Screen Shot 2012 10 17 at 8.16.32 PM 300x199 How do I qualify for a Canadian green card?

Qualifying for a permanent resident card, or Canadian green card, is not easy. The requirements are very strict and the process can take months or even years. If you think you qualify for a permanent resident card or Canadian green card based on the immigration categories below, please contact our immigration law firm. We are licensed immigration lawyers who have the experience and resources to fully assess your case and determine if you qualify for permanent residency in Canada.

Ways of qualifying for a Canadian green card

There are four primary immigration categories, also called immigration streams, that can result in permanent residency status if you are eligible. You may qualify to apply for permanent resident status in Canada based on one of these categories. If you don’t, please contact us for help. You may not be out of luck!

Investor or Self-Employed Immigration. Persons who have the money to invest a pre-determined amount of money in a Canadian business can be eligible to apply for permanent residency in Canada, as can self-employed persons with the capital to start their own business in Canada.

Family Class Immigration: Canadian permanent residents or Canadian citizens can sponsor close relatives and spouses (or common-law partners) for permanent residency if they can demonstrate that they are able to support the person they are sponsoring financially.

Canadian Experience Class: Also called the CEC, the Canadian Experience Class provides an opportunity for people on work permits or study permits to use the Canadian experiences (in the workplace, language skills etc.) as an advantage when applying for permanent residency.

The Skilled Worker Program: For the Skilled Worker Program, workers who have skills that are high in demand in Canada and have work experience using those skills can apply for permanent residency.


Does Canada have a green card?

Landed immigrants in Canada do not receive a “green card”, but instead a permanent resident card. Lawful permanent residents in Canada are afforded many of the same rights as other Canadians, but they cannot vote among other things. There are many benefits to being a permanent resident, including being afforded the right to live and work anywhere within Canada. Screen Shot 2012 10 15 at 10.52.37 PM 300x226 Does Canada have a green card?

If you are considering applying for a Canadian green card, this could be a very exciting time for you! However, please realize that permanent resident applications can take months or even years to process, depending on the way you go about it.

It is essential to assess your case with a licensed immigration attorney before applying for permanent residency status. We can help you determine if you are eligible and what immigration stream is best for you. There are four main permanent residency streams.

Applying for permanent residency in Canada

The four main streams of applying for permanent residency in Canada are:

Canadian Experience Class: People on work visas or study permits with work experience in Canada and a strong understanding of Canada’s official language can qualify for permanent residency in Canada.

Family Class Immigration: People who have spouses in Canada or relatives in Canada that are permanent residents or Canadian citizens can be sponsored to Canada.

Business Immigration: People who have the means to invest in or start a business in Canada could be eligible for permanent residency status.

Skilled Worker Category: People who meet the criteria for the skilled worker program could be eligible for permanent residency in Canada after a certain amount of time.

Whichever method you think is right for you, don’t go it alone. Hiring an immigration lawyer could mean the difference between being denied or approval – and because these applications can take so long to process, you don’t want to leave them up to chance.

You can reach one of our licensed immigration attorneys by contacting us at the phone number on the top of this page, or by sending us an email. You are closer than you think to permanent residency in Canada!


Choosing an immigration lawyer in Denver

Going it alone when it comes to immigration in the United States can be a very daunting and overwhelming process. Instead, consider choosing an immigration lawyer in Denver (commonly called an immigration attorney) to help you through the immigration process. We can be a great asset in your immigration journey, and can often mean the difference between a denial or approval. Screen Shot 2012 10 15 at 10.49.18 PM 224x300 Choosing an immigration lawyer in Denver

But how do I choose an immigration attorney in Denver?

There are many immigration attorneys in Denver. Like all businesses or service providers, there are great ones and ones that might end up not working out very well for you. In order to prevent wasted time and money, it’s important that you hire a good immigration attorney in Denver. Making sure you’ve hired the best immigration attorney only requires a bit of research on your part, as well as knowing which questions you need to ask.

Questions to ask before you hire a Denver immigration attorney

How available are they? It can be awfully frustrating if you have important questions to ask about your immigration application or your case and your attorney is nowhere to be found. While you should not expect to be able to reach your attorney 24/7, you need to know that they will respond to your phone calls and emails within a reasonable time frame.

Do they have referrals or references? Any good immigration attorney should be happy to provide you with references or referrals, as well as reviews or testimonials when possible. If they can’t, they must not have very many happy clients.

Discuss the your case with the attorney before hiring them. Do they think your case will have a positive outcome? An immigration attorney should never guarantee anything, but instead give you an honest answer and not false hope.

Who will be representing you? You might see an advertisement on television for a particular lawyer, when the reality is this lawyer has a team of lawyers working for them. You may not get the exact lawyer you envisioned getting working on your case, but that does not mean they are not just as qualified.

5. What kind of fees will you be paying? You shouldn’t be surprised at the end cost of your immigration services provided to you by an attorney. You should know well enough up front what the cost will be, and you should be able to understand the value in it.


Can Americans be denied entry to Canada for a DUI?

Many American citizens might be surprised to find out that they can be denied entry to Canada if they have a DUI conviction.

Most American citizens can show their passport at the Canadian border or a port of entry and then they can be on their way. But Americans who have a criminal record, especially one for a DUI conviction, could be denied entry to Canada. Screen Shot 2012 10 15 at 10.40.20 PM 206x300 Can Americans be denied entry to Canada for a DUI?

When this happens you are expected to leave immediately and return to the United States. It can be frustrating and upsetting, particularly if you have spent money on your travel itinerary or had intended to visit family. But no matter what the reason or how expensive it will end up being, there are no exceptions and you must return to the US.

However, you may be able to obtain a temporary resident permit to enter Canada. This is also known as a visitor visa or tourist visa, and even if you are criminally inadmissible to Canada you could still get in with a temporary resident permit.

What is needed for a temporary resident permit?

For a temporary resident permit, you will need to fill out a temporary resident permit application form as well as provide the necessary supporting documentation in your application package.

There are also two very important criteria you must meet when you apply for a temporary resident permit for any reason and from any country:

You must have strong ties to the United States or your home country. This means you have to prove to immigration authorities that there is enough waiting for you at home to ensure you will not overstay your temporary resident permit. If you have close relatives (immediate family is best) living in the United States, a home or apartment least in the United States, or a full-time job in the United States, evidence of these can serve as proof that you will return home once you are done visiting Canada.

The second most important criteria is demonstrating that you have enough money to support yourself in Canada. This means you have enough money to fund your stay, that you can inform officials where you are staying (at a hotel at your own expense or with friends or relatives at no cost), and that you can prove you are financially able to return home, ideally with a return ticket that is already paid for.


How Long Can You Stay Outside of Canada As A Permanent Resident?

Permanent residents in Canada (sometimes called Canadian green card holders) must meet something called a residency requirement in order to maintain their permanent resident status in Canada. If they don’t meet this residency requirement, which dictates how long they are allowed to stay outside of Canada, they are at risk of losing their permanent resident status. Screen Shot 2012 10 07 at 9.51.54 AM 300x226 How Long Can You Stay Outside of Canada As A Permanent Resident?

What is the residency requirement for permanent residents in Canada?

Permanent resident cards expire every five years. During this five year period, you must remain physically present in Canada for two years. This means you can remain outside of Canada for three years.

In terms of days, you must be in canada for 730 days of the five year period and be outside of canada no longer than 1095 days during this period.

You will also have to prove that you have met your residency requirement to the Canadian immigration officials when you renew your permanent resident card. There are many ways to do this, including proof of your address, your employment and travel records.

What if I haven’t met there residency obligation?

There are a few exceptions to the residency requirement. For example, if you are accompanying a spouse outside of Canada and that spouse is a Canadian citizen, you may count those days as days spent in Canada.

Otherwise, you may be able to make humanitarian and compassionate arguments as to why you were unable to meet the residency requirement for permanent resident status in Canada. However, this is not easy and it’s not recommended that you attempt to make humanitarian and compassionate arguments on your own without professional assistance. If you are concerned about meeting the residency requirement for permanent resident status in Canada, contact us as soon as possible. We can help you!


Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in Denver?

Do you have a business meeting in the city of Denver? We can help you! Did you know that to attend a business meeting in the United States, you will not actually require a work permit, but will require a business visitor visa? The United States business visitor visa is also called the B1 visa. Screen Shot 2012 10 07 at 9.42.44 AM 300x207 Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in Denver?

What do I need to obtain a B1 visa?

It is not easy to get a B1 business visitor visa, even though it is not the same as a work permit – which is much harder to get. Because a business visitor visa is a temporary visa, you need to demonstrate that you will not overstay your time in the United States and that you will leave before your visa expires.

In addition, a common reason people are denied for the B1 business visitor visa is that they do not adequately satisfy immigration officers that they won’t be working in the United States.

How do I prove my intentions when applying for a business visitor visa?

If you want to obtain a business visitor visa, you need to be engaging in acceptable activities such as going to a business meeting, going to a convention, going to a conference, negotiating contracts, meeting with your associates among other activities.

You will need to prove that these are the activities you will be engaging in, and the only business-related activities you will be engaging in. Documents like a letter from your employer detailing your itinerary for your trip. Your employer should indicate that you work for them – a foreign company – and that you are traveling to the United States on their behalf.

It is also necessary to provide information that can demonstrate how strong your ties are to your home country. This will help show immigration officers that you will leave before your visa expires and not overstay your trip.

Some examples of these documents include your bank records, other financial statements (debt and investments), property records and title deeds as well as information about your close family members such as spouses, children or parents that may be living in your home country.

We have helped many people obtain business visitor visas for the United States. If you need to go to the United States for business reasons, please consult with us before you do – we can be the difference between getting approved or denied and missing your big meeting!


How do I apply for CEC in 2012?

The Canadian Experience Class, also called the CEC, is a type of immigration stream that can allow immigrants to obtain permanent resident status in Canada if they have enough “Canadian experience”. Screen Shot 2012 09 27 at 10.19.32 PM 300x217 How do I apply for CEC in 2012?

The Canadian Experience Class allows workers and students who have work and schooling experience, as well as language proficiency in one or both of the official languages, to use this experience towards applying for permanent residency in Canada.

What are the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class?

Top apply for permanent residency in Canada under the Canada Experience Class, you must meet a number of strict requirements:

If you are an international student, you must have language proficiency in English or French, at least two years of post-secondary education within Canada and at least one year of full-time work experience in Canada under a certain category.

If you are a temporary foreign worker, you must have language proficiency in English or French as well as at least two years or more of full-time Canadian skilled work experience within the last three years. This experience must be in specific job categories.

New requirements for CEC

On December 4th of 2011, the Canadian government made changes to the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class.

These changes were broad, affecting various definitions including those of family members and full-time work experience, updates to the pass.fail requirements, changes to the requirements of the program and application procedural changes.

If you plan on immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident under the Canada experience class, contact one of our immigration lawyers as soon as possible. We can help you determine if you are eligible and explore all of your options for becoming a permanent resident in Canada.