Going it alone when it comes to immigration in the United States can be a very daunting and overwhelming process. Instead, consider choosing an immigration lawyer in Denver (commonly called an immigration attorney) to help you through the immigration process. We can be a great asset in your immigration journey, and can often mean the difference between a denial or approval. Screen Shot 2012 10 15 at 10.49.18 PM 224x300 Choosing an immigration lawyer in Denver

But how do I choose an immigration attorney in Denver?

There are many immigration attorneys in Denver. Like all businesses or service providers, there are great ones and ones that might end up not working out very well for you. In order to prevent wasted time and money, it’s important that you hire a good immigration attorney in Denver. Making sure you’ve hired the best immigration attorney only requires a bit of research on your part, as well as knowing which questions you need to ask.

Questions to ask before you hire a Denver immigration attorney

How available are they? It can be awfully frustrating if you have important questions to ask about your immigration application or your case and your attorney is nowhere to be found. While you should not expect to be able to reach your attorney 24/7, you need to know that they will respond to your phone calls and emails within a reasonable time frame.

Do they have referrals or references? Any good immigration attorney should be happy to provide you with references or referrals, as well as reviews or testimonials when possible. If they can’t, they must not have very many happy clients.

Discuss the your case with the attorney before hiring them. Do they think your case will have a positive outcome? An immigration attorney should never guarantee anything, but instead give you an honest answer and not false hope.

Who will be representing you? You might see an advertisement on television for a particular lawyer, when the reality is this lawyer has a team of lawyers working for them. You may not get the exact lawyer you envisioned getting working on your case, but that does not mean they are not just as qualified.

5. What kind of fees will you be paying? You shouldn’t be surprised at the end cost of your immigration services provided to you by an attorney. You should know well enough up front what the cost will be, and you should be able to understand the value in it.

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