If you have a criminal past, you may be criminally inadmissible to the United States. This is because the United States will deny entry to anyone who could pose a thread to the United States or its citizens.Screen Shot 2012 09 15 at 10.28.06 PM 300x198 I have committed a small theft. Will I be denied entry to the United States?

Petty theft is not generally considered a “crime of moral turpitude”, which is the basis for most criminal inadmissibility to the United States. Such crimes include:

• Controlled Substance Traffickers – Includes “assister, abettor, conspirator, or colluder”
• Conviction of 2 or more offenses with a combined sentence of 5 or more years
• Prostitution and Commercialized
• Certain aliens involved in serious criminal activity who have asserted immunity from prosecution INA

However, you cannot be too careful. If you have a criminal record in Canada and the border officials in the United States decide to run a criminal background check when you decide to cross the border, you could still risk being denied entry to the United States.

You may want to speak to a licensed immigration lawyer about your specific case, as all criminal records are different.

There is also another option for you if you’ve been denied entry to the United States:

Applying for a US Waiver of inadmissibility

A US Waiver of inadmissibility will allow you into the United States despite your criminal inadmissibility, but you should speak to a licensed immigration lawyer first. You may or may not need one, depending on your criminal record.

Do you have a criminal record and want to visit the United States from Canada? We can help! We have handled thousands of denial of entry cases and can help you with yours. You can contact us using the e-mail form on the right of this page or by calling as at the number above.

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