Do you have a business meeting in the city of Denver? We can help you! Did you know that to attend a business meeting in the United States, you will not actually require a work permit, but will require a business visitor visa? The United States business visitor visa is also called the B1 visa. Screen Shot 2012 10 07 at 9.42.44 AM 300x207 Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in Denver?

What do I need to obtain a B1 visa?

It is not easy to get a B1 business visitor visa, even though it is not the same as a work permit – which is much harder to get. Because a business visitor visa is a temporary visa, you need to demonstrate that you will not overstay your time in the United States and that you will leave before your visa expires.

In addition, a common reason people are denied for the B1 business visitor visa is that they do not adequately satisfy immigration officers that they won’t be working in the United States.

How do I prove my intentions when applying for a business visitor visa?

If you want to obtain a business visitor visa, you need to be engaging in acceptable activities such as going to a business meeting, going to a convention, going to a conference, negotiating contracts, meeting with your associates among other activities.

You will need to prove that these are the activities you will be engaging in, and the only business-related activities you will be engaging in. Documents like a letter from your employer detailing your itinerary for your trip. Your employer should indicate that you work for them – a foreign company – and that you are traveling to the United States on their behalf.

It is also necessary to provide information that can demonstrate how strong your ties are to your home country. This will help show immigration officers that you will leave before your visa expires and not overstay your trip.

Some examples of these documents include your bank records, other financial statements (debt and investments), property records and title deeds as well as information about your close family members such as spouses, children or parents that may be living in your home country.

We have helped many people obtain business visitor visas for the United States. If you need to go to the United States for business reasons, please consult with us before you do – we can be the difference between getting approved or denied and missing your big meeting!

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