The Canadian and United States immigration departments are very busy, as well they should be – both countries are beautiful and full of opportunity, with many people from around the world wanting to live and work in both of them. Screen Shot 2012 09 13 at 11.26.37 PM 300x222 How Do I Properly Fill Out An Immigration Application?

Did you know even a slight mistake, omission or error on your immigration application can cause it to be denied? We can help! We’ve compiled a list of tips for making sure your immigration applications to the United States of Canada are flawless and in good order.

Tips for Filling Out Immigration Forms

1. Read, understand and follow the instructions on your immigration application exactly. You want to make it as easy as possible for the immigration officer reviewing your application – if they can’t read it, how can they approve it?

2. Do not leave any blank spaces on an immigration form. This might make the immigration officer think that you’ve forgotten something. If you cannot answer something or it does not apply to you, write “not applicable” in the field.

3. Include all of the documentation necessary. The needed documentation depends on the type of application, but it might include copies of your passport or birth certificate, your resume, degrees, educational transcripts, financial information or more. Be sure not to miss anything. If you cannot include something that is required, enclose a cover letter that explains why it is missing.

4. Have your immigration application checked out by a licensed and qualified immigration lawyer/attorney. We have handled thousands of immigration cases in both Canada and the United States. Just think – it’s your first time dealing with immigration papers, while we’ve been going over them and filling them out for over 15 years. We will be able to make sure your application is perfect, and nothing is missing.

Contact an immigration lawyer today for the best chance of success with your immigration application. You’re closer than you think!

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