Do you live in Denver as an American citizen, and want to immigrate to Canada permanently? While the United States has its green card, Canada instead has a permanent resident card. Obtaining a permanent resident card (and permanent resident status) in Canada is a dream of many people across the world, including in the United States. Screen Shot 2012 11 04 at 11.45.17 PM 269x300 Immigrate to Canada from Denver

But how does someone become eligible for permanent residency in Canada? There are many different ways, one of which might be perfect for you. Read on:

The Canadian Experience Class: This immigration program is a relatively new program, that reserves several permanent resident spots every year for people who already have work experience and study experience in Canada. You must have experience working in specific types of professional occupations as well as a high level of language proficiency, and you can use this experience as an edge for a permanent resident application.

Family Class Immigration: This is a popular type of immigration application. If you have a close family member or a spouse/common-law partner who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they can sponsor you for permanent residency.

Skilled Worker Category: Those who work in management occupations, professional and related occupations or technical occupations, skilled trades and paraprofessional occupations can apply to become skilled workers in Canada and eventually apply as permanent residents.

Business Immigration: You may be able to become a permanent resident of Canada as an investor.

These are just some of the ways you can become a permanent resident in Canada, and all of them have very specific requirements. Make sure that you know you can meet the requirements for these immigration streams before you apply by speaking with a licensed immigration lawyer!

Permanent resident application lawyers for Canada

Do you live in Denver and want to move to Canada? The immigration process can be complex and time-consuming, but a licensed immigration lawyer who knows the various ins and outs of Canadian immigration policies can help you get there. If you want to learn how you can apply to be a permanent resident to Canada, or need assistance with your permanent resident card while you are traveling abroad, please contact us. We have been handling permanent resident applications for over 15 years and can be reached at the phone number above.

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