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United States citizens are applying to live and work in Canada in record numbers! People from all across the planet want to immigrate to Canada because of our high standard of living and educated population. Combined with our low crime rate and stable economy, Canada is one of the most ideal places to live and offers many different methods for people who want to work here temporarily or relocate here to live permanently.  Canadian Immigration Lawyer 300x147 Canadian Immigration Lawyers In Denver

Immigrate to Canada from Denver

Temporary residence in Canada is something you can consider if you want to visit Canada, work for a Canadian employer (and already have a job offer) or you want to study at a Canadian college or university. Visitor visas, work permits and study permits are available for these reasons. Thanks to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), some of these temporary visas can even lead to permanent residency.

Many people want to move to Canada for good and become permanent residents. To do this, you must apply for permanent residency and in many cases this is done through another immigration stream. Permanent resident status is a highly sought-after immigration status in Canada, and as a result it is not easy to obtain. But, you may be eligible for one of the following programs and it would be in your best interest to contact a licensed immigration lawyer to see if you are. Some of these programs include: The Canadian Experience Class, Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, the Provincial Nominee Programs, Sponsorship programs like Spousal Sponsorship and Family Sponsorship, Investor Immigration and the Skilled Worker Program.

Canadian immigration lawyers serving Denver and surrounding areas

While the Canadian immigration system offers applicants multiple options and immigration categories, that does not mean that immigrating to Canada is easy. In fact, nothing could be more of the opposite. The immigration system in Canada is a tough one, and it can take years for someone to complete the process. This is why you need to consider giving yourself every advantage possible when you decide to immigrate to Canada. A licensed immigration lawyer is one of the biggest advantages you can find, and we are a team of immigration lawyers at an award-winning immigration firm. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we can help you determine what category suits you, what documents you need as well as where, when and how to file. You are closer than you think!