Apply for an H1B work visa for Denver

The H1B work visa is a United States work visa available to Canadian citizens and other foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States. To qualify, one must possess a high level of education, usually a bachelor’s degree or higher. In addition, they must work in what is considered a specialty occupation – meaning that not just anyone can fill the job position and this job position is so complex that not just anyone can fill it, which usually necessitates bringing in foreign workers to fill these positions. H1B work visa 300x196 Apply for an H1B work visa for Denver

Work in Denver on an H1B work visa

There is typically a four-step process involved in the H1B work visa application, and three of these steps need to be completed by your employer. First, the employer needs to demonstrate that they will pay you the prevailing wage for the job you’ve been offered by requesting a prevailing wage determination from the State Employment Security Agency.

Next, the employer will file an LCA, or Labour Condition Attestation with the DOL, or United States Department of Labour. In doing so, they will provide evidence that they will pay you the prevailing wage and that the work will definitely be available to you – meaning there are no strikes, lockouts or other union disputes that would prevent you from working when you arrive.

Lastly, the employer will file a petition for the H1B visa on your behalf. Once this petition is approved, you will be able to apply yourself.

H1B work visa lawyers serving Denver and surrounding areas

The H1B work visa has a cap, which means that the United States government only gives out a specific number of them each year. This number may fluctuate depending on a number of factors, but as an example the quota for the 2011/2012 fiscal year was 65,000 H1B work visas. As such, it is essential that you know exactly where and when to file because a capped work visa for the United States can be very competitive. A licensed immigration lawyer can be your best source of advice when it comes to applying for an H1B work visa, and we can be reached at the above phone number. Contact us as soon as possible!