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Even though Canada and the United States share a border and have a very friendly relationship, Canadians still need a work visa to work in the United States like any other foreign national. However, Canadians have the option of applying for a TN visa, which is like a fast-track option for a work visa for the United States. The TN visa is referred to as a fast-track option because it can be applied for at the United States border and doesn’t require a lengthy processing time like many other visas. TN Visa Lawyer 300x286 TN Visa Lawyers in Denver

Work in Denver on a TN Visa

Are you eligible for a TN visa? There are many different requirements and the qualification process for this United States work visa are quite specific. When you apply for a TN visa to work in the United States, you’ll need to demonstrate that:

You are a Canadian citizen and have proof of this in the form of either a valid passport or a birth certificate.

You have been offered a job by a United States employer and not only does this job appear on the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) list of professions suited to a TN visa, but the job offer letter is formatted in the required way for a TN visa.

You have the work history, resume, qualifications, education and any required licenses that shows you are qualified for the type of job you have been offered.

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Please note that even though a TN visa is considered a “fast-track” option for working in the United States, this does not mean that it is easier to apply for than other visas. In fact, being able to apply for one at the border means you should be even more careful to ensure you are prepared for one, because you could very well be denied for a TN visa on your way to start your job in the United States.

We have helped many people immigrate to the United States, including Canadians who wanted to work in the United States on a TN visa. We have been in business for over 15 years and would love to count you among our many happy clients. Please contact us using the phone number at the top of this page to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer!


How Can a Canadian Citizen Work in the Denver in 2012?

Like most other foreign nationals, Canadian citizens require a work visa to work legally in the United States. Luckily, the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) makes it a bit easier for Canadian (and Mexican) citizens to obtain a work visa for the United States. This is thanks to a special visa called a TN Visa, which only Canadian (and Mexican) citizens are eligible for. Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for a TN VisaScreen Shot 2012 09 14 at 11.17.51 PM 300x221 How Can a Canadian Citizen Work in the Denver in 2012?

Requirements to be eligible for a TN Visa for Canadian Citizens

1. Be a Canadian citizen, with proof of your citizenship in the form of a birth certificate or a valid passport.

2. Have an existing job offer from a United States job offer that is for a temporary basis, of up to three years. This job offer must be in the proper TN Visa format.

3. Your job offer must be consistent with the NAFTA list of approved TN Visa professional occupations. Some of these acceptable occupations include doctors, dentists, scientists, geologists, chemists, registered nurses, lawyers and engineers. A complete list is available here:

Top 10 TN Visa Tips from our Immigration Law Firm

• US Job offer should be consistent with your Education
• US job offer should appear on the NAFTA LIST
• US job offer should not exceed three years
• US job offer letter should be properly formatted with all relevant information
• When you apply, READ and UNDERSTAND all your documentation
• Your resume should be well organized and complete
• Employment references should be consistent and relevant
• Bring a valid Canadian Passport for at least three years
• Foreign degrees and diplomas should be evaluated as equivalent to Canadian or US Standards
• Get your TN Documentation reviewed by an Immigration Professional

Is your occupation not on the NAFTA list? There are many other types of United States work visas that Canadian Citizens can apply for. Give us a call for an assessment on your case, we would love to help you! You can also e-mail us by filling out the form on the right.



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immigration lawyers team photo TestimonialsDon’t take our word for it, read just a handful of testimonials and thank-you letters we receive every single week.  We have a long standing positive proven track record that yields results!

“Hi Michael,
I wanted you to know that we are grateful for your help regarding Shannon’s “TN” visa.  She applied at the Sarnia border on Friday at about 3:30 P.M. The first decision was yes until they realized that Shannon had been denied at the Rainbow Bridge. They would not over-rule that decision until they realized that she had up-dated documents which provided further information. This is what saved her!  Shannon flew to California on Saturday and started her new job today! We just wanted to say Thank You and felt this info might be useful in the future. Please tell Stacey we also appreciated her hard work. Thanks again.”
Pat Koebel

“Just to let you know that I got the TN renewed last Friday. They also checked my fingerprints and took photos (I can’t recall this in the prior years). The diplomas were the main thing. Thank you for all your help.”
– Annie

“How are you mate? I hope fine. Any case for your future clients just mention one of my clients Allan he never gave up and just for you Michael I’ve hit the jackpot “work-wise”, I’ve found a good company and every thing fits. Pass that one on to Stacey give her my love, oh and I’ve still got that bottle of wine I promised it must be vintage now, but I’ll be around soon, honest.

If you or Stacey happen to be in the Hamilton area on the 21st July let me know it will be my one year anniversary, your work paid off, because I love it here.” – Allan

“Today’s interview went very well, and we have been asked to collect our passport with visa tomorrow. The full credit goes to your hard work and your team’s dedications. Please pass on my good wishes to Mr Niren also.”
Dushyant Trivedi & Family

“Dear Michael and Stacey,
I just wanted to thank you both so much for all your hard work this past week. I was granted my TN status at the 1,000 island port today. I really appreciate it, and I know that I couldn’t have done it with you. Thanks again.  Cheers from Alabama!”
Katie M

“Stacey, Mike ,
Thank you for all of the hard work, and assistance you provided in putting together my TRP and Work Permit Applications. Honestly, I felt your services were worth every penny. I have no complaints. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is to have these types of legal issues; I never imagined I would be in this type of situation. Again, thank you for your professional service, Outstanding!”
T. S.

First of all, thanks for your help with my E Visa. All went well and I am back at work.  Yes, I definitely want to go on with the Green Card. The only problem is that some of the documents requested as evidence are in the possession of my former lawyer. I will try to get as many of them as I can and contact you. Thanks again to you, Marianna and Stacey. You guys were great!”


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