Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Denver

Did you know that if you are deemed to be criminally inadmissible to Canada by a Canadian border officer, you will not be allowed to proceed into Canada? Any plans you had will have to be cancelled, and you may not be able to get any of the money you spent on on your travel may be lost for good. A criminal record of any kind has the potential to cause you to be denied entry to Canada, even if you are an American citizen. But are there ways to overcome this criminal inadmissibility? Yes! Read on. Temporary Resident Permit Criminal Inadmissibility 300x198 Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Denver

Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit in Denver

You can overcome your criminal inadmissibility to Canada by applying for a temporary resident permit. In doing so, however, you will have to gather many different supporting documents and it is a good idea to review your application and application package with a licensed immigration attorney to be sure nothing has been missed and your documents are satisfactory. Some of these documents include:

If your conviction was DUI-related, proof your license has been reinstated. Depending on your sentence, you’ll need proof it was completed as well as that any fines have been paid and you have been discharged from probation if applicable.

You’ll need several letters, including: A written description of the events surrounding the offense and conviction, a letter from your employer describing your length of service, job and salary as well as three different letters of reference from “responsible citizens” on your behalf.

– You’ll also need different court documents, such as the judgements made against you. These judgements should indicate the charge, section of the law broken, the verdict as well as the sentence. You’ll need copies of the laws that were broken as well, which may be available on the internet, at your local library or at the court house.

Denied Entry to Canada Lawyers in Denver

If you want to visit Canada would would otherwise be denied entry, speaking with a licensed immigration lawyer is a very good idea. We are an immigration law firm that has been helping people overcome criminal inadmissibility for over 15 years. We can assess your case and help you determine if you are inadmissible or not, and then explain your next steps to you. If a temporary resident permit is your best option, we’ll be able to help you apply for one and ensure that your application has the best chance for success. Don’t wait! Contact us as soon as you know you need to travel.