A temporary resident permit is required by the citizens of many different countries around the world who want to visit Canada for any length of time. A temporary resident permit is also called a temporary resident visa or a Canadian visitor’s visa. Screen Shot 2012 09 19 at 12.58.41 AM 300x222 How to Apply for a TRP for Canada

While a temporary resident permit is not a guarantee of access to Canada, you will still require one to enter Canada if you are not from a visa-exempt country.

How to apply for a temporary resident permit

1. Make an application for a temporary resident permit. Read and understand all of the instructions on the application. Whenever you fill out any kind of immigration form, you need to make sure you follow the instructions exactly – even a small mistake could result in the denial of your application.

2. Gather the required supporting documentation for a temporary resident permit. This will include proof of a valid travel document (like a valid passport), passport photos for the visa, information about your finances (to prove you can support yourself financially while in Canada), and other documents that may be necessary depending on your individual situation – they can vary.

3. You will need to pay the fee when you submit your temporary resident permit application .Even if your application is denied, you will not get your fee back.

The fees are:
$75 for a single entry visa
$150 for a multiple entry visa
$400 for a family multiple entry/single entry

4. Submit your application. There are two options for submitting your temporary resident permit application – at the Canadian border or port of entry, and at your nearest Canadian consulate. While the Canadian consulate can take longer to process an application, if you’re denied at the Canadian border you will have to turn around and go back where you came from. You may also have to undergo an interview and a medical examination depending on a number of factors.

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